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Cloud data migrations made simple. is a fully hosted data migration solution. We provide excellent cloud to cloud and local to cloud data migrations.

Looking for an expert? We will help you achieve all your migration goals using our in-house solutions.

Screenshot showing part of the platform content
Screenshot showing part of the platform content
Screenshot showing part of the platform content

All-in-one solution for efficient local to cloud and cloud to cloud migrations.

Easy to use, scalable and secure solution for all data migration needs.

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Screenshot showing part of the platform content

Full control over migrations

Optimized for performance

Secure data transfer

Every cloud is different. Our platform aims at solving concerns before they occur, while being transparent with it. We will fix naming convention issues during transit. We will compare hashes even if source and destination do not comply with the approach. We will work around limitations and provide solutions.


To address any and all edge-cases we have developed and will continue to expand the most comprehensive set of features.


Our platform deploys workers in prime locations for optimal connectivity. We perform delta migrations using cloud host-provided audit reports and events, eliminating the need to rescan the entire data source. This way, we are saving countless hours (and dollars!) on big data sets.

Skip the extras

We aim at giving you the benefit of a doubt. Even if you’re the best among the pros, you might want to relax and not second guess the setup you chose. Are you an expert, feel free to display expert options and fine tune your migration as you please. Otherwise, let us do the heavy lifiting.


At no moment in time should your migrations and therefore your data be at risk. Every action logged, every access checked, every suspicious movement or change monitored and alerted. End to end encryption guaranteed. You have a team working on a migration project? Set up as many collaborators as required, grant them roles and access to only certain migrations.

You are in control

Our platform allows you to choose how your data travels. Do you need to throttle the speed at certain times? Or schedule migrations for specific days only? Use the scheduler to mitigate any performance issues when migrating from local sources. Feel free to choose your path, spin up workers in places that comply with regulations your company falls under.

Keep the good parts

We see the value in keeping auxiliary data around your files and folders. Your permission structure can be translated between clouds. Permission levels can be mapped. Is your user base different? No worries, map your users and groups and allow us to apply the perms you so diligently placed over the years.

Some cloud providers allow for custom metadata. There are ways to bring it anywhere. We were creative and figured it out for you.

Industry specific features

Are you in finance, health care, architecture, government services? We understand the needs of your endeavour. Does your data need to stay within country borders? Do you need a special report validating data integrity? Compliance, validation, transfer control are features we provide for industry specific data migrations.


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At, we believe in the power of collaboration. We're proud to partner with industry leaders who share our vision for innovative cloud-based data solutions.

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